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Acne Solution

What`s The Best Acne Solution? That`s a tough question to answer. But, if you bear with me, you`ll find out which acne solution is right for you. First of all, there are no “miracle” acne solutions. There are a lot of bad acne products, quite a few decent ones and a small hand full of excellent products.When the site was initially launched, we had an idea of what the top acne solution were. In fact, we were pretty confident. But 1000`s of visitors have proved to us that we don`t know it all (even though we were pretty close).

Who Gets Acne?

Everyone has a chance of getting acne at some point in their life. There is a difference between men and women and with one`s genetics. Men are just naturally more prone to acquiring acne simply because of the increased amounts of testosterone. Acne is heavily based on changes in hormone production. These changes can cause secretions to obstruct pores creating unwanted blemishes to appear. During adolescence, men tend to peak in testosterone levels as their bodies change with puberty. This is a very drastic change that occurs and because of this change men develop harsher cases of acne for the most part.

Women develop acne just as men do. However, there tends to be a slight difference with women. Women develop acne due to hormone changes just as men do, but the difference is that women will continue to have hormonal changes and imbalances throughout life.Since women continue to fluctuate in terms of their hormones, acne can persist past puberty and into the 20`s, 30`s, and 40`s. Acne breakouts will most likely center around menstruation cycles and will be greater during one end of the menstruation cycle.

How Long Will I Have Acne?

Everyone is going to have a varying severity of acne as well as a different length that acne will show itself. Around 80-85% of people will acquire acne during their teen years or puberty. The outward signs of acne tend to diminish in the late teenage years and early twenties. There is a good portion of people that will continue to show signs of acne into clear until their 40`s. So, acne is not just something that haunts teenagers; acne can affect anyone at various times of life. Though a vast majority of people will acquire acne, there are several solutions to the problem and anyone can treat their acne.


How Do You Treat Acne?

There are a variety of treatments available today to quickly treat acne. This does not mean that if you use a product acne will disappear forever. Of course not, but it is possible to control your acne until your body adapts to changes in hormones.You need to know some things before you begin your task of eliminating acne. Know what ingredients will best help your skin to clear up. There are several ingredients that are proven to help the vast majority of people that suffer from acne. In order to know which product and ingredients will be best you need to know what kin type you have. Some people have very oily skin, others have sensitive skin, and even others have dry skin.

I Have Tried Every Acne Solution And Nothing Works

Some people will try over-the-counter products and still not get the results that are desired or needed. The thing to do next would be to go to an expert. A dermatologist will be able to tell exactly what product and concentration amount will work. For many people over-the-counter amounts and doses are just fine, but there are some that may have overactive sebaceous oil glands that force oil and dead skin cells into pores faster and in larger amounts than an over-the-counter product can handle. In this case higher concentrations of proven products may be necessary. It is not recommended to try a product that has not been proven to be effective even if there are great testimonials about how well the product has worked for a small minority. Be safe: try products that are proven to work and consult a dermatologist if the need arises.

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