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Reporst from @drdavidheber # Dairy vs. # Soy : It is true that Whey and Soy Protein have different effects on building and maintaining muscle. Whey protein which is very popular with body builders is broken down and its amino acids absorbed into the blood within 30 minutes. Soy protein is digested more slowly (in about one hour) but the levels of amino acids in the blood available to the muscle are maintained for a much longer period of time. A combination of soy and the dairy pr ... oteins whey and casein were compared for their effects in building muscle protein in young men after the same muscle building exercises were performed. The combination of soy and dairy protein continued to build muscle protein for 120 minutes while the whey only did so for 60 minutes. Having a protein shake made with a combination of soy and dairy proteins is more effective than whey protein alone. Soy protein is not an estrogen. It is a safe and complete protein. Soy is the best protein in the plant world by itself so if you are sensitive to milk sugar (lactose intolerant) just use soy, and you can build and maintain muscle. If you want to maximize your muscle. building nutrition add in some milk protein. 2018 latest wedding wears dressed in beach # drdavidheber # muscles # proteinshake # soyprotein # milk

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