Blue Prom Dresses 2020

So Susan Hepler and I went to my mother's wedding yesterday. We had to travel to the northwest side of the state. This brought us past Cabelas in Saginaw... So we had to stop. Of course. We were looking around, dressed for a wedding... A lady working there stoped Susan and asked her if she had her "ladies day out" coupon. Needless to say we had no idea... She gave her this mysterious coupon that said ladies day out, sep 23rd only. No discount amount or anything else.... We asked and she said its variable depending on what you buy. We went looking at the ladies hunting clothes and found this two piece outfit in a size that fit for what ended up being 25% off. Kinda a heck of a deal for Cabelas. Plus she looks damn good in it! Lol Blue Prom Dresses 2020