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Abortion is not murder. The actual definition of abortion is as follows, the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy. Most women do not find out theyre pregnant until 6 weeks, do the math and you have 22 weeks left until you go into your third trimester. Now, of course i agree getting it done earlier is better than later, they do develop feeling but they dont know any different, they dont know theyre being abort ... ed, they dont know nothing but that womb. But, abortions are a lot of money, on average (according to planned parenthood) it can range from $0-950. Depending on your situation, thats a lot of money to pull out of your ass. You may think, why not just have the baby and give it up for adoption? thats the right thing to do, right? hell no. As a fetus, you know nothing about anything on the outside world. As a growing child, in foster care, or in group homes, etc, reality hits you! Kids in foster homes typically develop depression before the age of 6! They feel nobody wants them because their families gave them away! And over 20% of children and teens commit suicide after being given up for adoption. It isnt a good feeling!! it takes a mental toll on your life. imagine growing up with no parents. and dont tell me every child will be adopted, plenty of kids that are usually older are begging to be taken in somewhere but nobody wants older kids. just like at the animal shelter, everyone wants puppies. not the older dogs. and finally you may say, why not just keep the baby? Children are ungodly expensive, between food, diapers, clothing, doctors, medicine, toiletries, etc. If you are a teen, or in college, or even just getting your life set up. raising a child is going to be hard. theyre stressful. baby fever is only fun when it isnt your baby. disagree all you would like, but abortion is not wrong. abortion is better than adoption. dont put a child through something that tragic. also, avoid it all prior! wear a condom, get on birth control. science is amazing and we wouldnt have all these issues if we just taught younger generations sex ed instead of avoiding it. Dorris Wedding chic wedding collections in country and rustic style

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