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*Bitterleaf also known as Veronia Amygdalina*

*In scientific parlance is an aborigine of Africa. It can be cooked, juiced or chewed raw.*


*Regular consumption of this vegetable helps to regulate blood* *cholesterol levels which is a risk factor for heart attack and stroke*

*Bitter leaf is rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Due to the presence of nutrients especially Beta Carotene,*

*It controls the synthesis of female sex hormones. This allows women to stay younger and healthy for a longer duration of time.*

*Bitter leaf has been shown to significantly* *lower blood sugar levels It does not only reduce blood sugar, it also helps to repair the pancreas.*

*The plant has been widely used and recognised for its efficacy in preventing malaria. *Drinking the juice alone is an antidote for malaria*.

*Consumption of the plant is helpful in increasing milk production in breast feeding mothers. It increases appetite in anorexia(loss of appetite).*

*It is also useful in treating sleeplessness(insomnia) and boosting immune function. It can be utilised in the management of coughs, helminthiasis(worm infestations) constipation ,and as fertility inducers.* Dorris Wedding mature ladies wedding apparels in tea length

*There are strong revelations that bitter leaf if incorporated in the diet can slow cancer growth and even kill cancer cells.*

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