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Although I liked Swedes program I can't help find articles like this discouraging.

Im tempted to write of full break down on the massive amount of contradicted information in the post but here's my main gripe.

Scientific better controlled studys are bad and the lack of recording of normal physlogical changes in hormones makes them useless. ...
Even though current literature suggests they don't ultimately matter well at least in progress but what's worse is my "survey" which was awfully controlled PUBLIC FB post ( which has massive amounts of co founding factors or bloods he was against above), which was on the lines of do you bang the night before comp with no bloods is some how better than the vastly superior controlled and third party peer reviewed papers. Dorris Wedding wedding bridals wears in wholesale price

The irony was posting other hormonal posts as proof when it suited even though no direct correlation to performance.

I can't help think things like this push the industry back a step , I'd be very interested to see some one more qualified then myself such as Mike Israetel (who has a lot of time for ancedotal feed back) or anyone give an unofficial peer review on the piece.

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