DorrisWedding full length mother of the bride wears look long

I'm 30, my baby sister (who is pretty much my daughter) is 21, it's my duty to inform her about the realities of the world, race, politics because her age range has been brainwashed to only worry about beauty and fame (The Kardashian Effect) to them race isn't an issue and it's because of shit like what's happening with Kim K today. We have to teach them, we have to show them the world for what it is and not the fairytales they see on TV, we have to let them know that it's really not that important to keep up with the Kardashians. Why? Well they need to realize that there is no need to glorify someone that makes a living trying to be what they already are. We need to educate our young black men and women and make sure they know that they set the standard, they are a part of a culture everyone wants to mimic. That way they learn the power of their culture, the power of their dollar and the beauty of their existence. DorrisWedding full length mother of the bride wears look long

And I know Facebook is always late ... so basically Kim Kardashian says we need to stop being petty and get over Jefree Star's racist remarks because people change. Having a black husband and black children does not qualify her to make this statement and should actually have stopped her from saying some dumb shit like this.

I don't patronize any of her businesses so she's been canceled to me. But don't allow your fandom to dilute the problematic statement that she made. Oh and she is now apologizing on Snapchat with no makeup...

You know you would have to apologize if you actually put some thought into what comes out of your mouth Kim.

IDGAF how good his makeup tips were that doesn't excuse blatant racism, what the hell is wrong with you.