DorrisWedding grecian items to wear of the wedding

God please help me.. I ran off the love of my life I pushed her away, I was always mean and hateful. God please do anything you could do to help me get her back. Cassie Lynn mccaine I ain't stopped cryin since u left, I'm sorry for the pain I've put u through. I'm asking for your forgiveness please forgive me. I don't wanna be the person I've been lately I'm changing for you baby I'm gonna be the man u need not a boy. Cassie please come home if u see this please I can't handl DorrisWedding grecian items to wear of the wedding ... e another minute away from u. I can't take this emptyness in my heart I need you if you don't come back you gotta realize I'm gonna have to kill myself to escape this pain. Please give me another chance please I miss you come home or answer your phone or something at least im on my knees begging u. Y'all please tell her she should give me another chance. Please at least call or text me or please come home to lay in bed and cuddle up to me baby

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