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What is Taffeta??!

Taffeta is a fine lustrous silk or similar synthetic fabric with a crisp texture. Taffeta is a commonly used lining material in high end apparel products like in trouser, suits, and many other products. The taffeta lining material helps garments to keep in shape and can add insulation in the garments. Originally taffeta was made of silk but now-a-days also made of synthetic yarns like polyester, nylon or man-made fibre like rayon. DorrisWedding wedding item online store with affordable price
Taffeta fabric looks similar to satin fabric made of silk. Normally a plain weave is used for making taffeta fabrics. People associated this fabric as high end and luxurious fabric. Taffeta fabrics are tightly woven and it crispy and stiff in nature. Though soft taffeta is available now-a-days. Like other fabrics, taffeta can be a piece-dyed taffeta of yarn-dyed taffeta.

Taffeta fabric
Taffeta fabric quality is measured by its construction tight weaving, like number of yarns warp and weft used in one square inch. 170T, 240T, 250T are example of few taffeta fabric. Other use of taffeta includes silk gowns, wedding dress, in quilting, umbrella, and ribbon.