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Whether you're plant-based or a meat-eater, potatoes can be a tasty and filling option. Today's RD of the Day is interviewed by KERA (TX) on "The Pros And Cons Of Eating Potatoes".

Melissa Mendez, an outpatient RD with Parkland Hospital in Dallas, considers potatoes in the grain family because they're a starchy vegetable that fits into a well-balanced diet. Potatoes don't have fat on their own, Melissa explains, they beco ... me unhealthy with added toppings.

Fiber (in the skin), potassium, iron and Vitamins B6 and C are the good things found in potatoes nutritionally. The bad, Melissa says, is frying them in lots of oil and loading them up with unhealthy toppings.

Melissa, who teaches classes in Meal Planning for Diabetes and Weight Management, recommends baking, steaming, roasting, or grilling potatoes. Research has shown, she explains, that boiling can decrease up to 75 percent of its mineral content. Mother of Groom Dresses Summer 2020

Check out the article, listen to the full audio interview and see why we've chosen Melissa as RD of the Day.

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The Pros And Cons Of Eating Potatoes Spuds, chips or fries, we consume a lot of potatoes in a lot of ways. Some are healthy and some not. It all depends on how you prepare them. But, there