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My name is Mary I am 19years old. I come from a
very poor family. We could hardly eat two time
but everything was under the control of God.
When I was little, my mom do call me a ...
I always laugh whenever she calls me that. One
day, something entered me to ask her why she
always call me a prophetess, she said that when
she was looking for a fruit of womb the pastor who
prayed for me told me that I will conceive and give
birth to a girl and that girl shall deliver and heal
people in the world. In fact she will are visions.
When I heard this, cold entered into me. I ram off
from her presence because it sounded so real.
six years, my dad do call me all kinds of bad
names, he will sometimes regret having me as a
After he said all those things I will cry away. One
day when I was sitting in my room, a voice spoke
me saying, why are you delaying my peoples
blessing? I turned back to check what just
happened and I could not see anyone. It repeated
three times till I fell on the floor. Crying and
weeping, then the voice said, call upon me I will
answer, whatever you ask me I will grant.
After couple of hours, I stared speaking in tongue,
my body was covered with the spirit. I started
praying and giving out prophecies.. My mom came
in and she was healed from her fibroids. My dad
got a call from his company. I then quickly
my phone to prophecy to the person reading this,
you shall not end up as a failure. What stop others
shall keep you moving. I see you buying a new
conceiving a baby, universities giving you an
admission. Oh my God, you have promised me,
whatever I ask it shall be granted. The person
reading this shall go to the next level, nothing can
stop him or her. Their heart desire has been
answered already in Jesus name! Amen
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