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" Good Sunday morning to you all and I wish you a peaceful one ahead. I was talking with a guy last night and we were jumping from topic to topic and he really was a pretty cool guy to shoot the shit with. At one point I asked him, If he thought that ignorance and apathy were problems in modern society ? And he half joked, " I don't know and I don't care. " I suppose many discouraged people feel that way about the world today and the people in it. But when it comes to perplex ... ities and concerns of our lives, I fully understand and I care deeply. Many are oppressed and afflicted and some are led like a lamb to slaughter. Many people in so many ways are punished for nothing they did or caused. We simply crush the weak, the poor, the innocent and cause them to suffer, like they are the ones who are the sinners, not the money mongols, and higher ups who still prosper even though we know these people should be paying more, should be examined thoroughly before taking office, and should, within any one with clear eyes, pay like the poor people pay, cause they pay with their lives. They go on and prosper for prolonged days because in all reality, we allow them to. No one ever suffers more than the poor in this world. They struggle, they work their asses off for minimum gain, and they bring up families singlehandedly in many cases with willingness to just keep going and wishing for better days. They know what the cost is if they don't stay above water and not sink into the abyss and be forgotten. They know the cost of unconditional love if it is not shown to their families, even when those very families go astray. And some are willing to take on sins but are willing to pay for them all in the name of freedom. I don't know it all but one thing is for sure, I care. And because I do, I am not just another one who passes the buck or shuts what is seen out, and in many cases, not seen in this world, out. I know caring is alive and not dead, because I see it in major ways and in the littlest things. And ignorance and apathy are such a problem today, and it is about time it is addressed, and I mean with conviction. It's too easy to say, " I don't care. " And I can understand that people say it and I care for them. We need knowledge to carry us through. We need action to somehow, if possible, right the wrongs. And today I will walk with honor for everything I do to not just sum it up in three words.. Cause instead of, " I don't care. " maybe " We should care. " Have a good day my friends and give a damn.. The world needs yea. " bridal gowns with bows

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