cheap summer wedding dresses

Welp...had my first bad "Wish" experience. And of COURSE it had to be wedding related.
Anyone who knows me knows I *LOVE* Wish. I've gotten SO many great things over the last cpl much that I'm now part of a program where they send free stuff to me to test and review before they make it available to the public.
Well...I fell in love with some dresses that I wanted to use for bridesmaids.
So...just to (in theory) avoid any possible wedding disaster...I ordered just 2 - the ones for my daughters. Figured if I wasn't happy with them for use as bridesmaid dresses, at least the girls would have some cheap cute dresses for summer. cheap summer wedding dresses
When they arrived...I was THRILLED. The fabric was amazingly high quality and super soft, the fit was perfect. The design was exactly what the stock picture showed. I couldn't have been happier.
So I told the rest of the ladies in the bridal party that I would buy their dresses for them as a thank you for being a part of our special day.
I ordered 4 more...from the EXACT SAME LISTING by the SAME SELLER.
What could go wrong? ?
What I got was cheap, see through, scratchy polyester negligee fabric with a blown up, blurry, dull version of the design on the original.
WHAT THE HELL? This wasn't a different shoppe or different listing.
When I sent pictures and told them I'm NOT paying to ship these back in order to be refunded, as they are for my wedding in two months...they were actually very apologetic and promptly refunded every cent I at least there's that.
But now...TWO MONTHS BEFORE MY WEDDING...I'm on a hunt for cute dresses again. On a budget.
I'm heartbroken. These dresses (the first order) were nothing short of exactly what I wanted. Perfection.
Talk about taking the wind outta my sails. :(
1st is the stock photo from the listing.
2nd is my daughter Alli Williams in hers when it first arrived. LOVE it.
3rd is the first dresses we received on top...compared to the disasters from the more recent order on the bottom.
Sigh. Well...back to the ol' drawing board.
Happy Monday, friends.