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This is the McDonald's on 12300 South in Draper. This is a relatively busy restaurant with a good staff and clean innards but is a bit smaller in the lobby and is not my favorite all in all. If I am being honest, I cannot say that my eyes have been moistened nor my tongue bound up when gazing upon this edifice.

I include here a brief review on the Southwest Salad, sometimes called Premium Southwest Salad. I have had this salad a number of times. This costs $4.95, plus applicable taxes. I am seeing varying nutritional information online, but it's about 320 calories (9g fat) for the salad if you do the grilled chicken (vs crispy) plus 100 for the dressing (6g fat). And then I like to supplement it with about 12 orders of large fries. It's definitely not like a Corner Bakery or Kneaders salad (or similar) that you might kinda excited about (even if you are a man), but not bad. They used to have a Chinese salad that I enjoyed but discontinued it (at least in this area), probably because of a global shortage of canned Mandarin oranges. chic graduation ceremony collections

I was here one time for two or three hours when it was very busy, and I watched the groups of people going through the line. I tried to take a picture showing as many people as possible (see the picture with all the people in it). The feeling for some reason reminded me a bit of one of those Richard Scarry drawings with a town full of people going about their activities. # mcdiary