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Good news to my good people in Ikom. PERFECIN HERBAL CAPSULE now available in Microsystem Laboratory opposite Former first Bank. chic wedding pieces with lace top
Perfecin Herbal Capsule is the Solution
for Urinary Tract Infections (UTI), Sexual
Transmitted Diseases (STD),
Staphylococcus, Blood in Urine, Pain ...
During Sex, etc. Multiple studies have
found that Herbs is more effective than
antibiotics, and produced no side
effects. Women who used Perfecin
Herbal Capsule did not experience a
recurrence of infection.
The herbal compositions of perfecin are
Biden bipinnata 20%Chrysophyllum
albidum 50% Aframomum melegueta
Perfecin has antibacterial effect on the
human system and the effect on
microorganisms was equated to that of
a known antibiotics, more research is
still ongoing to test its plasma serum
Perfecin Herbal Capsule is a helpful
defense for all infections especially
(Urinary Tract Infection), and others in
men and women. All type of Infections
can easily be addressed with a formula
of herbs (PERFECIN). It is important
that the herbs address the infection as
well as the associated pain and
discomfort. PERFECIN can stop
infections symptoms and get to the root
cause of the problem as well.
Perfecin Herbal Capsule is NAFDAC
approved. It is tested and recommended
by Great Herbal Centre Professionals.
Both Men and Women can use it, it has
no artificial preservative.
Perfecin Herbal Capsule has a shelf life
of two years (2yrs).
Safe, Natural and Effective.
Content: 30 Capsules
Usage instructions on the label

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