custom prom dresses

Calling all girls who would like a custom designed prom dress made by Mrs.Keally! I will be teaching the art of Couture sewing with evening wear to Hannah in her Fashion Design class this year. For one assignment, we are both going to need a customer to make accurate measurements, meet the customer's design style, schedule fittings, and much more. Hannah already has a client chosen for this assignment, but I don't. Whomever I chose for this large project can keep and wear the finished dress to prom or not. Also, since this is an assignment, material and labor will all be donated,(some restrictions apply), so this dress will be free! The customer should be from Ellwood or Riverside school districts and will have to meet with me to go over all specifications. I can only choose one girl. I will anounce who I choose by October 1st. If you are interested please send a private message stating why you'd like to be my prom dress customer! custom prom dresses