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May this young gentleman rest now.....Life can be so short....I had the privilege of teaching the year at La-Pine High last school year. This guy was my favorite student of all time and he wasn't even ever in my class. The most respectful, honorable, smiling, gentlemen, opened the door for me, made me feel welcome, upstanding citizen who always had the most genuine smile on his face. We always ran into each other in the commons.. I had many conversations with this guy. H ... e was one of the most down to earth human being I've ever met..., He lead his ROTC classes so perfectly. I've seen it. I shared my experiences as an ROTC student and he appreciated them. We laughed a lot. We had talks about joining the military and I shared my Dad's story and his service in the Marines. I thanked Nick for his future service to our country as a Marine.. He was all dressed up at prom this year, and arrived solo. I asked him, "why solo?" He said, "It's easier." I said, "I agree!" I cheered loud for him at LPHS class of 2017 graduation. My heart, prayers, healing thoughts, and support goes out to all of his family, friends, and anyone who knew this amazing young man.. dresses prepared for beach destination wedding

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