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Wanna take this time to thank each and everyone who supported Josiah and I on our big day, must say I enjoyed it to the fullest and it was more than I expected. To my bridesmaid I'm sending a special thanks to you guys for assisting me in getting ready, from creaming my foot, to putting on my shoes, my dress, vail, tiara, getting me stuff to drink while eating my food and even putting back on my dress when I went to the toilet, Kendra Bubb , Tiya Penc's , Din O'Brien , Christa Mars Christa Mars thanks for d up and down with me whenever I requested. To my chief Anna Bubb I am forever grateful for you, thanks for ensuring I enjoyed my day and didn't fall on that long big dress lol I love you all dearly. To d groomsmen thanks a million for always being there when I called you all, allyuh look reallllllll sweet too thanks to me lol, Chrisdecio O'Brien , Gerald Carter , BlessChild Bubb and Judah. To my mother Hillary Bubb thanks for ensuring the bridal party looked stunning # BigSeamstress , thanks to the decorators Tanya Emery and Mia Emery the hall looked great, I'll also like to thank my big bro and father giver Richard Carter , if I called you to carry me somewhere you always made yourself available no Matter the time of the day, to Josiah's sisters, parents, nieces, nephews and friends thanks for the support and allllll the help you gave. To my true friends Isha Roberts and Anesha Morrison thanks again, Deniece Denden Fritz and Janine 'Jan' Francois a special thanks to you both for making it to the church, leaving to go play football and returning I appreciate that so much, my makeup artist Shenelle Escayg you made me looked gorgeous thanks again, my unofficial chief bridesmaid and host to my bridesmaid and I Susan Farrell a special thanks to u for all the love and support. Hmmmm to our best man earl Edwards we cannot thank you enough for your support and love, we appreciated it veryyyyyyyy much, Carlos Walcott, our photographer thank you for providing so many memories, we will never be able to repay you for sticking with us and making all those "turns" with Josiah upon request but Leon Marcano and Steve Ovin we just want to say thank you for everything. Finally to our caterer Kristen Second, girl that food was greatttttttttttt thank you from the bottom of our hearts............thank you to everyone else for the support we love you all dearly. fall bridesmaid dresses