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Well, here I go again. Please bear with me.

"Macho" is the term given primarily to young men who are trying to find their way to true manhood. It is a term which evokes images of a brazen fellow who talks too loud, brags too much, sees women as persons to be used for his own pleasure, has little respect for authority, and thinks he knows all there is to know about everything under the sun. You get the picture. He is tolerated because it is understood that the young fellow will eventually calm down and come to true manhood. formal evening dresses

True manhood is defined as "feo, fuerte, y formal". The literal translation of this Spanish phrase is "ugly, strong, and formal." The concept behind these words encompass the Latin view of what a man should be.

"Feo" means not that a man is ugly but that he is not overly concerned with his outward appearance. It is enough to be neat, clean, and properly dressed for any occasion.

"Fuerte" means that a man is strong in his principles and has formed them after deep thought and measured consideration.

"Formal" means formal, of course. A man is courteous to all he comes in contact with, no matter the sex or the age or the philosophical beliefs. Courteous to all, kind and protective of the weak, even-handed in dealing with both friend and enemy, this is the true man.

OK, so why am I giving you a Spanish lesson?

Because I want you to know why I am critical of the man who holds the highest elective office in the United States. I see a"Macho" who has yet to come into the manhood described by the words "feo, fuerte, y formal."