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Day 87 : Day +13 Transplant 2

ANC 144; WBC 160

So much I could write today. Mason's day was great, really great. He's been very happy and just realize that he's so much stronger than we are. There are times when he hurts but it's amazing what he's overcome so far and how strong he actually is.


We discussed the adenovirus today with the doctors. Still awaiting the test that can somehow predict how much time before it could make it into the blood. I asked the doctor how worried we should be. This particular doctor didn't answer but the more we discussed, he provided examples which was enough imply an answer and reaffirmed my thought that we need cells quickly, not just neutrophils but lymphocytes. What makes this worrisome is we're deliberately suppressing the immune system to reduce the risk of GVHD but this also limits the proliferation of cells....

I'm not going to spend a lot of time here but it's become part of this journey. Being away from home and away from our older son has been just as hard on him as it has been on us. I never realized before this how his life would change or how this would affect him but it has, in a major way. There is nothing easy about any of this and there is nothing harder than leaving one child for as long as we have to care for another. It's becoming just as difficult to deal with. He has changed and I've never seen a child at his age show emotion so deep and so many different emotions. high street or monsoon bridesmaid collections

Looking forward to higher counts in the coming days. Tomorrow will match the maximum number of days Mason had cells after transplant 1.

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