homecoming dresses with sleeves

Okay so I am about to spend way too much time explaining why this is complete and utter bullshit. First and foremost, I am not opposed to reasonable dress codes and dress rules that are dictated in a formal setting; however any rules concerning clothes will always affect girls way more so than it will affect guys. Women’s clothes are made way smaller and more form fitting than men’s clothes are. We do not ask for this, but it is thanks to society for everyone to always expect women to wear shorter, tighter clothing. Secondly, assuming this is directed towards public school dress codes, their dress codes are completely fucked up. There are literally tons of professional jobs that allow sleeves shorter than four inches, that won’t fuss if your bra strap peaks through, or that god forbid your skirt isn’t almost knee length, won’t question your professionalism. There are countless times that I, and my friends, have wasted time in the office with our hands on our sides awaiting judgment on whether or not we should be sent home because our skirt/dress/shorts were within micro measurements of being “too short.” No professional setting would do this to a woman . I remember one particular instance in which I was told that my outfit would only be appropriate if I untucked my shirt from my skirt. My shirt was oversized and I only had it tucked in so that I had a visible waist line instead of looking like a garbage bag. Also, nothing about tucked in shirts was ever in our rule book. I’m not sorry for speaking out against this shit. I don’t believe that having a formal dress requirement is terrible, but I do believe the dress codes and rules that dictate whether or not girls can attend class in a public school setting (which btw is not a formal or professional setting. I mean, Christ, kids can wear hoodies and sweats and there’s nothing professional about that.) are completely, 100% sexist. I distinctly remember our principle in high school talking about girls covering their shoulders to not be a “distraction.” Him saying that was so well-known that it was made into what was supposed to be a humorous skit during the homecoming lip sync. It is and has been clear for years that high school dress codes are definitely about boys not being able to control their weiners and not about girls dying to look provocative. Like no, we just want to wear the shit that is available to us so just fuck off and control your rogue boners and stop blabbing about professionalism while totally being cool with kids wearing the same hoody and pair of sweats five days in a row. homecoming dresses with sleeves