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Akinlabi Abdulkabeer
A Yoruba uncle or brother will tell his growing nieces, sisters, female cousins when they try to protect their private parts from him that:
"What are you now hiding from me? Hmm this girl is turning something else o. It is me you are hiding your body from. For your information, I bathed you nakedly when u were growing, I took you to school after dressing you up. Even check the mark on your chest there is an injury there which I was scared of, as such, I rushed you to the hospital and I was the one running the cleansing daily. This is the chest you are now hiding from me. You better stop deceiving your self."
The above is the real life comment from am uncle and a common one among the Yoruba brothers to their distanced sisters, especially the brothers who are not very conversant of what religions say regarding the privacy of female children and ladies.
My own comment is: even Wole Soyinka came to faculty of Art, UI and said he couldn't recognize it again due to restructuring. There are many roads in Ibadan that I couldn't recognize again after Akala Government left the state. So the fact that I was there when Mokola round about was a single lane does not mean I should be the one to control it when it is now an over-head bridge.
Mr uncle and booda Sunday, gone are the days when Molete road was just a smooth surfaced way. Now it is an over-head restructured construction that even if Adedibu wakes up from the grave, he wouldn't recognize it again.
Taking you back to the culture before it was bastardized, It was the norms in Yoruba land that when a lady gets to a stage in life, she cannot take her baths in the public area no matter what the situation is or how poverty engulfed her family, that she couldn't even get a private bathroom. She is expected to hide in a bush to protect her restructured image. If not for a bastardized cultural changes in the name of civilization and socialisation, when plenty parts of a female is no more private, she is expected to remain under her clothes and exposes nothing to anyone, no matter how the relationship is except her legal husband. knee length lace wedding dresses
Let me enter from Islamic point of view, children from same parents but of different genders are expected to be separated from the bed at age 10. The wisdom is Godly and the reason is divine. But to my common sense, it is to cub and prevent sexual immorality that can emerge from same brothers and sisters.
Are you wiser than the divine prophet and God?
Going back to attack boda Sunday who wants to see a "reconstructed Jerusalem". It is not a lie that when Latifah was a baby, she had an injury whereby you channeled the cleansing, but the present state of where you want to see now is never the same as the old injury you cleaned. Even the value of a 100 dollars three years ago is never the same today.
Your Lagos roads in the days of Tinubu are not same in the days of Fashola especially that Latifah own that is a "third mainland bridge. "
You better no let your eyes see what if they ask you 3+6, you will just be answering 2. Even if they ask you 7 and 9.
My dear sister, it is a common gist and norms amongst you to think that he is your cousin, he is your nephew so your sanctuary should not be a holy land. Your body is a temple of the Lord, better no defile the place of sacredness.
I am not ignorant of the fact that plenty sisters have even gone beyond exposing their private parts to uncles, rather it is to the public. We are in a time when the breasts are not private except the tip of it. A period where the buttocks is not kept away from the sun.
Let me branch the societal sickness and let you know that even females are falling in love with their co-females with a grown up chest and liking to see what is under it. You have heard that lesbians are not far from the society. So if such could happen, then uncles can also become sick and commit sins.
Change your ways and turn new leaf.
This piece is important to orientate the ladies with these ideologies but plenty are afraid to share it because of the usage of my wordings. My dear, there are no ways I could defend the situation except this style. Sorry if our minds do not think same at the moment.