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Dear Mark Zuckerberg,
I have a proposal. You have tried by giving
us Facebook, Facebook Lite and Facebook
But you need to create something more ...
traditional for us. We can call it Facebook
I would love to see notifications like
1 . Martha Amina and 24 other Chelsea Fans
just looked at your profile photo and hissed.
Let them know you are aware! Send them
your thoughts. Or send soldiers to discipline
2. Innocent Idibia has just unliked one of
your posts. Do you want to blind him ?...
3. James Wilkinson and Obe Joyce are
exchanging messages, gossiping about you.
Join the conversation suddenly and shock
them! Or send them some chickenpox...
4. Odera Ibekwe is wondering why you
mentioned him in this post. Do you wish to
send him some knowledge? Or turn him to
an avatar with tail....
5. Kelvin Jinad just wished he could block
you. Let him know you're aware. Send him
some common sense. Or block his brain. ....
6. Franck Quest and 50 others are going
through your timeline, wondering if they
could delete your posts. Send them a
collective thunder and hailstorm to show
you care!..
7. Frank Dollar and 8 other friends are
taking your picture to their coven! Send
them a warning message. Or turn them to
imbecile ..
8. Edoh Zeek Gideon is secretly crushing on
you. Pop into his head and check out his
latest thoughts about you!..
9. Knowledge Ikinimore is thinking of you.
Let him know you love him too. Whisper into
his ear by clicking the mouth button...
10. Betty white and 189 other former
classmates of yours are regretting not killing long length bodycon prom wears look sexy
you in school. Let them know you are willing
to forgive. Or strike them all with
And so on and so forth. Then subsequently,
we can discuss upgrades

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