mother of the bride wears in coral

My little girl is 3 next month. She has been on sodium vaporate since nov 2015. All going great so far, she hasnt had and fits since starting it. Tonight when she was lying on my chest, asleep, she kind of wobbled. The only way i can describe it was either a gentle gallop like a horse or like a dog running in its sleep. It was her whole body, i felt it from her legs and shoulders, dad saw it too. Lasted all of 10 seconds. It has completley thrown us off and now our minds are going crazy. Nothing startled her and as soon as it started, i sat bolt upright and she was still doing it. Are we overthinking this? Could it be her epilepsy creeping back? Also have a video (in comments) of her 'twitches' at night. Her consultnat doesnt think they are anything to worry about but some part of me is not 100% convinced. Thanks for any advice mother of the bride wears in coral