pink color wears for cocktail party

THIS IS THE REWARD. I'm a thrift store clothing junkie. But as part of my 30-day challenge, I decided not to acquire any new clothes for myself. Today I was on my way back from a wonderful hour walking outside when I passed a sexy, sparkly cocktail dress in the window of my local Goodwill. I hesitated: it looked far too small for me, plus there was that moratorium on clothes-buying. pink color wears for cocktail party

Then, inspiration: I thought of a friend who this dress would be PERFECT for -- size, style, vibe and all. So I went on in and bought it for her -- and I'm stoked silly knowing she'll love it. Glittery, inexpensive, cause-benefiting good feelz all around. The bonus? The dress is brand spankin' new, with tags and all. It's almost more fun than just buying it for myself.