plus size modest bridesmaid dresses

I own many pretty dresses. In fact, as a "girly girl", I admit to owning two large walk in closets full of clothing, handbags, shoes et al....with more pieces draped on chairs, etc. LOL Girly girls adore nice things - jewellery, perfumes, scarves, pashminas. I tried on several dresses, but none seemed right for dad's burial and luncheon to follow, ,though I considered 2 dresses he liked. (He had said "you look sharp" when he had seen them.) I confess that when I was looking for a new dress (something he'd
have also liked...simple, elegant and NOT black!) I noted a rack of IVANKA TRUMP dresses on sale at The Bay, a flagship Canadian department store. I was intrigued to see exactly what kind of price points and quality she offers, considering where her clothing is made, and how. Here is my verdict, based on what the clothing is like, country of origin etc. notwithstanding. Ivanka items would be deemed somewhat "higher end" in department stores. They are all lined with nice finishes, ie: good quality zippers, seams, trims. Many if not most of her pieces are more classic than trendy - wrap cardigans with lurex woven in, wide leg pants, button downs, simple blouses and pull overs. I actually tried on a blush pink shift dress with deep v neck that suits me as I have a nice shoulder/bustline and somewhat hourglass shape (sorry but true lol) and another hydrangea blue and white floral summery dress. The pink dress was similar to what she sported at the Republican Convention last summer, but with a lower neckline and with less sleeve. It would be appropriate for work in a more formal setting, and could be worn out with more elaborate accessories. The floral dress was a bit "busy". The pink dress was over $200 Canadian, marked down to about $113, and again to $85. The floral dress, s was $179 regular price, also marked down. Bottom line is, few working women who are middle or even upper middle class and have mortgages, possibly car payments etc. could afford to pay $200 for ONE dress they won't wear often, and $130 for ONE simple blouse or pullover that one can find elsewhere of similar quality, but cheaper. I can see her cashmeres being higher in price, not the cotton blends or poly /spandex blends, sorry. But the sad thing is, many of the IVANKA products are pretty and desirable. Her shoes and handbags are attractive too. But in view of the horrific goings on with that family, and considering the fact that Ivanka does not seem to be "real" in terms of wanting to empower working women, and YES, considering the brouhaha about the conditions her things are manufactured in (not to mention the slave labour wages paid) I chose to say "no, nyet ,uh uh" to the nice pink dress and a very pretty bag. Ultimately, her products ARE nice; but it is the reputation of the brand and all who are involved with it that render these items being placed on sale over and over again. A pity? YES, I think so, for I saw a few items I'd love to have purchased! plus size modest bridesmaid dresses