prom dresses for short girls

Chapter Twenty-
Daniel's PoV
I woke up late because
after talking with Bella,
Esther called and we
talked deep in the night.
I dragged my sleepy
self to the bathroom
and had my face
washed and teeth
brushed, I went to the
kitchen and had
breakfast and came
back to my room and
found a message from
I really had a nice
time with you
yesterday after the
basketball training and I
will really love to
hangout with you at
the mall this afternoon.
This girl is really
something, after
making me sleep late
yesterday because she
threatened to cry if I
sleep, she wants to
see me again. I replied
I am sorry I can't
see you today, I really
need to be with my
I sent a message to
Bella saying
Good morning
Sunshine, I know you
are up and missing me
already but don't worry
I will be there soon I
love you
I dropped the phone
and went to the
bathroom and had a
long bath, I spent
almost twenty minutes
in the shower tub doing
nothing just thinking
about this girl who
seems so manipulative
and all, "Hmmm" I
There was a message
from Bella reading
Hey Babe I really
wanted to spend some
time with my sister
this afternoon, can you
come here later in the
evening. Reply me if you
still want to come so
that we can invite Chris
to join us too.I love you
Just after reading it, a
message from Esther
came saying she really
wanna see me and will
not bother me again if I
come so I sent a
message to Bella telling
her I will be going to a
basketball practice so I
will come to her house
when I close. I prepared
and went to pick Esther
up from her house, she
was wearing a white
bum short and a tiny
top exposing part of
her stomach, she is
beautiful but not like
my Sunshine and her
parents are not
wealthy they have only
one car which her
Daddy use to drop her
mom at work before
going to his, their house
was just three
bedrooms with kitchen
and bathroom which
contains both herself,
her father, mother and
three other siblings. She
shares a room with her
elder sister but she
sometimes behaves
like the rich kids.
She ran into my arms
and kissed my lips
sharply before I could
say anything.
"Hey what's that for?" I
"What?" She asked back
"The kiss" I said
"It's was nothing, I
was just trying to
show you how happy I
am you came" she said
"So where do you want
us to spend the day at
because I don't want to
go in there with u" I
said pointing my hand
at her house
"I know you won't
want to be in my house
so I want us to go to
the mall, I need to do
some shopping We are
going to the mall"she
"Which mall?" I asked
"Westfield Century City,
I love shopping there "
she said
"I know you don't like
shopping there"she said
while fastening her
"Who said I don't shop
in Los Angeles and
besides Westfield
Century City Mall is one
of the best shopping
malls here" I said
"You are talking as if
your girlfriend doesn't
fly you to Las Vegas
for shopping" she said
"Then to burst your
bubble, she doesn't and
henceforth I don't need
her to do shopping for
"Whatever, but if I
were your girlfriend and
I am rich like her I will
fly you to Las Vegas
every weekend for
shopping" she said
"Just cut the crap ok" I
Bella's PoV
After Daniel said he will
be going to a basketball
practice we got ready
and left the room.
"So which mall are we
going now, The Grove,
Beverly City Mall or
Westfield Century City
Mall?" I asked Alexa
when we entered the
"Westfield Century City
Mall of course" she said
"Ok. But do you know I
had wanted to buy that
dress for you when I
went to Fashion Show
Mall in Las Vegas?" I
"Oh my God! Bella why
didn't you buy it from
there, I have been
dreaming of going to
shop there" she said
"Because I was angry
with you for keeping a
secret from me" i said
and her smiled
"Bella I am really sorry
about that" she said
"Yess I know you are
that is why I am taking
you to the mall to
choose any dress, shoe
or bag of your choice" I
"You are kidding right?"
"No I am not so stop
being dramatic, I
bought some cute shirt
and jeans for Daniel
while shopping for
Daddy and I can't wait
to see him wear them"
I said
"Awwww my baby is in
love" she said and we
"I will wear this to
Prom Night" she said
matching a dress she
was holding to her body
"And when is the Prom
Night?" I asked
"Next month" she said
"You don't have to
worry because I will fly
you to Las Vegas North
Premium Mall to shop
for the Prom Night" I
said and She jumped
into my arms
"Hey stop it you are
causing stares" I said
and she disengaged the
"I am so happy to have
you as a sister and a
friend, Oh My God! I am
really going to stay on
that night" she said
walking around like a
"I will check the
Cosmetics section, I
need to get a cologne
for Daniel" I said
"Ok, get me my usual
deodorant" she said and
i left
I was going through the
things when I bumped
into someone
"Daniel! What are you
doing here? How did you
know we were here?" I
asked and before I
could say jack a lady in
a bum short appeared
"Baby I was looking for
" she didn't finish what
she was saying when
she saw me
"What! You! Baby! You
are here with
someone?" I said and
walked out of them
trying to control my
"Alexa let's get out of
here" I said to Alexa
who was busy with her
"What just now, why?
She asked still with her
eyes on the dresses
"Just get the things and
let's get the hell out of
here" I yelled at her and
she turned her me
"What happened to you
Bella, you are crying"
she said just then
Daniel came there
"Thank God you are
here Daniel she is crying
and I don't know why"
she said and the bitch
appeared there again
"You are here too, don't
tell me you came here
with Daniel you bitch, I
knew you were up to
no good" Alexa said
"It's not like what you
are thinking" Daniel said
"Get the things and let's
go" I said.....
Daniel's PoV
I stood there and
stared at her as they
left the mall. I was so
sad seeing tears in her
"I am really sorry for
calling you" I shut her
up with a slap
"I told you not to follow
me down here after
you called me your baby
in front of her" I yelled
she was crying already
and I regretted slapping
"I am sorry for hitting
u" I said and pulled her
to myself but she
pushed me away and
ran out of the mall, I
followed her and held
her hand tightly.
"Esther I am really sorry
for slapping you, please
sit in the car and let me
go and get the things" I
said and she nodded.
I drove her home and
she asked me to kiss
her before I go, I didn't
wanted to do it but I
ended up doing it, we
kissed for two minutes
before I left her house.
"Daniel you are really
losing it, u kissed a girl prom dresses for short girls
who is not your
girlfriend" I said hitting
the wheel with a fist.
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