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I sat next to me one day, and I started to think about life, in silence, listening to the void, responding to a question that someone asked me. What things do you dislike about life? And what things do you like and passionate about? And after little thought, here is the summary of my sincere thoughts, more than a Decalogue of my truth.

What I dislike about life is not to live it to the full, I do not like falsehood and hypocrisy, lamentations without meaning, people who laugh at people, cretins who believe more than others, I feel sorry for the Who take advantage of the humble, and call the third world those who inhabit the same land as we, despise social injustice, feel powerless when I see in the street an abandoned child or old man.

I dislike that I can not feel myself a child, for being "adult" that as the wings of creativity and art grow ..., I cut off the wings of my imagination, Need a hug and not ask for it, loneliness among the crowd. .. There are so many things that disgust me !, but I enjoy the light of the moon, with its majesty, is the queen of the nights, and just by looking at it, it transmits me a thousand sensations ... I like the mountain, when I get very up I feel free, I feel what freedom is, I feel the beauty of everything around me as if supplied with beads of water droplets ...

I like coffee, hot, with little sugar ... The beach, the sea, with big waves, with its smell of salt ... Delight in writing, on paper, feel like my fist creates all those words, as plasma all that is Moves inside me, everything I remember or what I invent ... Put on my headphones and get away from the world, travel, see someone smile on the street. I spend hours making plans that will never be done. I love making and repairing photos. I like so many things, I love you.

I like people, to know them, to talk to them, to tell me what they want, to listen to them, to know their memories, their dreams, their desires, in short, to know them ... I like to walk aimlessly, without destiny, just to feel my legs Move and walk, with you dear friend of the arm or hand ... I like the nights of debauchery and the mornings of ibuprofen. I like the afternoons of relaxation and the evenings of a thousand plans. I like tea at three in the afternoon, which lasts until eight. I like to dream, Dream with you, Dream of me.

For me the journey begins at the moment we choose the destination, from that moment, I'm enjoying already ... I like to drive, the car. I love to feel the wind in my face, I love to drive early in the morning through the city center and enjoy its empty roads, Look at the rest of the people, how many are in a hurry, others are distracted, others speak By telephone, Life goes on while we walk through the city ... I like music, feel it, understand the lyrics, understand why the composer wrote those lyrics ... I like to cook especially if there are people at home, relaxes me, I feel good ... prom dresses

I like talking to my sister and brother-in-law, spending time with them, laughing, going out to eat, being on the couch, putting on a movie and sharing an evening, I like being with them, feeling close to them ... I like the life I've gone Forming, I like to study, although it costs me for the subject of time a little complicated, I like our house, how we have been decorating it, making it ours, I like our dog Chihuahua, how loving it is, how good it behaves and the company That makes, I like our sofa, so big, so comfortable ...

I like to sleep, Eat, Dance, I like the days of talk until the many hours of the night, Rainy days, good advice, wine glasses that never end, hugs to untimely, talking, singing, Laugh, you smiled at me. We laughed.

Your indecisions, I enjoy your beautiful words, and make you believe that I believe them. I delight with moments of solitude, Being surrounded by people, I like to read. Let them read me. I like to touch your hair. I like love at first sight. I like to think. I think of you. Think about me.

I like the sayings, because the one who follows it gets it, and the one who wants something, something costs. Because it is never late if happiness is good, and if the word is silver, silence is gold. Because who hopes, despairs, and although the monkey dresses in silk, mona stays. I like your sayings. Your crazy stuff. I like empty phrases. The songs that say it all. The silences.

I like the life God gave me without asking anything in return. I like to breathe, in short, I like to live. There are so many things I like about life, But ... And you? Have you ever stopped to think about what things you do not like, and what things do you like about life? Try it out, I recommend it, and you'll be amazed at your own answers. This is how life is to see your stories to start again.

I like you. And you, What do you like?

With Blessings of Love Light and Gratitude.