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Mango Nutrition Facts

We have seen they contain nutrients. But which of them? And in what amounts? how many calories in a mango?

A single mango has about 107 calories. It also contains the following nutrients:



Vitamin A (1262 IU) is the most prominent nutrient in mangoes. Other vitamins include vitamin C (45.7 mg), vitamin E (1.8 mg), vitamin K (6.9 mcg), thiamin (0.1 mg), riboflavin (0.1 g), niacin (1 mg), vitamin B6 (0.2 g), folate (23.1 mcg), pantothenic acid (0.3 mg), and choline (12.5 mg). purple or lavender evening selections


A single mango contains iron (0.2 mg), potassium (257 mg), calcium (16.5 mg), phosphorus (18.2 mg), sodium (3.3 mg), zinc (0.1 mg), copper (0.2 mg), and selenium (1 mcg).

Other Nutrients

The fruit also contains protein (0.8 g), fiber (3 g), and carbohydrates (28 g).

These vitamins and minerals render mangoes their many benefits – which are what we will look at now!

Health Benefits Of Mangoes

We have already seen a brief about how mangoes can be good for your health. Now, we move to the specifics. Following are the many ways mangoes can benefit you.

1. Prevent Cancer
2. Prevent Heart Disease
3. Help Lower Cholesterol
4. May Help Treat Diabetes
5. Promote Healthy Sex
6. Improve Digestion
7. Mango During Pregnancy
8. Aid Weight Loss
9. Help Prevent Asthma
10. Improve Eye Health
11. Promote Brain Health
12. Regulate Blood Pressure
13. Enhance Skin Health
14. Improve Immunity
15. Can Help Treat Kidney Stones
16. Boost Bone Health
17. Might Treat Anemia
18. Help Fight Heat Stroke
19. Improve Hair Health

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