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One of the biggest things that has demeaned the value of the feminine, for women and a men alike is alluding to the penetration of a woman the ultimate goal in our mainstream messaging, its in popular music, videos, advertising and makes it plays on our most primal instinct of sex, and yes sex is the basis of everything but not in the way we are taught to think, sex is union, union of the masculine and feminine, that expresses in everyway in everything, music, art, good conversation, any time two polarities meet, but we have reduced our understanding of it as the act that occurs with two bodies coming together for few minutes physically... and that can fall into many categories, in fact because of this even the union of that act is missed completely and hence addiction and heightened dissatisfaction in many in this area of life for many. And because of this dispondancy, where to go? What more is there if this is the peak? The mind becomes freverent to find some kind of resolution whether being unhappy in their relationship or marriage, having affairs, having multiple partners, swinging or absorbing oneself in some other depemdency. Because the mind has been trained, that this is the goal so it must be the way but it never really fully can escape. Because there is something more, beyond the surface, there is a deepening, a merging thats possible on so many levels with intimate partner that go well beyond physical intimacy, and not only with a partner but with all people, with life, with everything, and it brings more pleasure than even possible physically, and they open us to new wonderous parts of ourselves and life that make life joyful and satisfying, dare I say orgasmic! Unfortunately immediately a taboo comes in the mind, why? Because for the exact reason initially stating, we have emphasized the physical act so much but not only that to make it constantly high in demand we have made it untouchable, as if out of reach, and the best way to do that is through shame or taboo, so it is something that is hidden, some magical mystery, then it becomes as another hot unattainable commodity, and we find ways to dress it up, make it interesting and cheap like fast food, to keep us going, like porn, so we crave it because we were hungry, we want it but in the end it leaves us feeling kind of empty... why? Because the union is missing, the whole point of it, the depth, the substance. Like after eating a wholesome meal, we don't feel hungry... why? But this messaging keeps us hungry, it keeps us buying... instead of unifying. How do we come out of this programming, it like what has happened with food, its time to start our own gardens growing. Nature has designed us intelligently, Nature designed us inteWe have reduced our intelligence to And esp youth are the ones who get this messaging continually. sexy long sleeve prom dresses

Imagine you are growing up and all you see is toys and that if you get that toy finally you will be happy and thats all you sold and that emphasis you are sold so thats all you see even when you are 30, 50 so you keep buying different versions of the same toy infinitely but you never feel satisfied because you never grow from playing with toys and so you don't grow emotionally.... what a minute, we already do have this issue now a days too... darn it commercialism!

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