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Women are still the lowest socio-econmic group in the US, there are more animal shelters than womens in the US, there are less services for women in almost every area of mental health and addiction services for after care, there are still women being raped and domestic violence at higher rates than men. However we ratiionalize that of couse well that seems normal.Its more accptable to hear about women being raped and in domestic violence situations as it has become a norm. I have heard peoplle say well its better for women, things are much better for women. WELL BETTER IS NOT EQUALITY.... its not acceptable but somehow everyone is accpting it as if were a victory . So ask are we really acctping this as an answer in 2017? Women still make less than their male counterpart in the same job, women still make up the sole income earner in US households. men are not being held accountable for the house hold once they leave. I see it happening all the time. So of course there is not a female on the senate and men are making choices about our helahtcare and bodies. Help... Please its better. BETTER IS NOT EQUALITY!!!!!i Is a lie and a smokescreen. The token females in major US companies had to deal with laws and court before letting women in positions of power. Nothing women have gotten thus far has been opened up without a backlash and struggle. Therefoe the motivation for women to be equal had to be a strggle first and not because it is fair and just. History repeats itself if we forget. I think we have forgotten about what those women in the 60s and 7os did for us but we rest on our laurels and here we are with the same issues inequality. We must have another revolution yes revolution Im not talking about some mysterious event, its a right to protest and write letters to our government and write and talk baout it again. Lokk at the sex and beauty industry and my god we still have beauty pageants.more sexualizing women. Really. Oh the suffergetes lost their lives, their families, there rights as women to have their children when they spoke up they were punished. This is not ok because its better. sexy style mother of the bride or groom outfits