vintage and antique wears for a wedding

Hey Itchy Moms! I'm new here and not diagnosed with ICP. Over a week ago my right palm started itching. At first I didn't pay it any mind. Not to sound ignorant but in my culture itchy palms relate to money coming in or going out. Plus I've had itchy palms in the past but not for this long. I'm currently 33.5 weeks and started researching if itchy palms was a normal pregnancy thing. That's how I found this group. Now I'm worried. I wouldn't describe the itch as severe or moderate. It's mild. It comes and goes and sometimes my wrist and soles of feet itch too. This is my 4th pregnancy I have two angel babies I'm so worried. Was hesitant to call my doctor cause it's not extreme itching and thought they would brush me off seeing I have an upcoming appt on Friday. Well after describing my symptoms they want me to come in right away in the morning and they put in an order for me to do blood work. Anyone on here diagnosed with ICP but only had mild itching? vintage and antique wears for a wedding