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I've bought books, music and movies online for years. Other items as well from broadcast audio and video gear, scanners and computer parts... but clothing always seem risky not being able to see or try it on. So I shopped sales at often frenzied stores with less and less employees to help, tornadoed displays, racks or departments. Coupons in hand and long register lines, packed parking lots and material that wears out after wear and washing.

So--- I'M ORDERING SHIRTS MORE OFT ... EN ONLINE with Jos. A. Bank Clothiers. Notified of deep discounted sales with high quality fabrics. For example these Two button down Oxford Long Sleeve shirts online at $17.99 each. 100% Cotton. Lightweight. (Next risk is to buy pants/dress casual slacks). You need to remember your sizes and can return but this is really (for men) a much easier, affordable and no hassle way to shop.

Stretching funds is my dilemma. I've always been a clothes horse and love quality -- but as time passes and incomes shrink I'm no longer just the bargain hunter for name brands and often very flimsy material versions at Stein Mart (Izod) or scanning ads at JC Penny's. Even Costco has stopped stocking the Kirkland dress shirts and pants that while affordable has short wear functions of staying together and not fading at the cuffs when one washes ones hands. wedding collections collections with colors

FREE SHIPPING as well. That makes 6 new shirts to replace 6 that have frayed or lost colors at the cuff and neck lines. $107.94 vs $209.94 on sale in the store or at full retail of $49-$89 $299.94 - $539.94.

It Pays to shop online at the lowest prices and not the brick and mortar stores where bargain hunting is online, not searching endless sites (on Amazon) and from a retailer one trusts for quality at the lowest possible clearance price.

By the way - I do the same on cologne. Cool Water for $21.95 vs $65.99 at Ulta and Jovan Musk for $7.99 vs $29.99 at Walgreens. Free shipping on most with Amazon Prime in 2 day delivery. As a man as well I don't miss shopping in person and the time saved doing something else that's are relevant and affordable in my life.

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