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Please read this message carefully. Your babies life depends on it!!
Today a mother rushed into the ER with a baby in her arms. She was hysterical and the baby was turning blue and gasping. I immediately grabed the baby from her arms and attached oxygen. Then I started CPR. As i gave him chest compressions a blackish stuff started coming out of his mouth and nose. It smelled strongly of Vicks/iodex. The peads consultant intubated the baby and we tried very hard to revive him. We suctioned out 3cc of that fluid from his lungs. But his little heart gave out and we lost the battle against the grim reaper. The mother conformed using iodex. The baby had turned 3 months old today!! wedding dresses in peach color
So the important notice for every single person who reads this is please please dont use VICKS vaporub and IODEX on your babies. It is not advisable for children under 1 years old. Plz dont use your desi totkas. You never know how it will react. Always consult a physician in time when anything seems off about your baby.
And please please stop using surma on your babies eyes. The surma you get these days is not pure and it can cause allergies and eye infections. Also plzzzzzzzz don't t use baby powder as it has been linked to cancers.

Sorry for the long and graphic post and thank you for the peole who actually read all this. Plz spread the message. This could save your babies life!!