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Bibasilar atelectasis is present. Underlying cardiomegaly is present as well.
Liver demonstrates a cirrhotic configuration. Main portal vein is not visualized and may
be thrombosed. No dominant mass noted within the liver. Gallbladder is partially
contracted and demonstrates prominent wall thickening. Trace amount of perihepatic ...
ascites is noted.
Spleen remains markedly enlarged measuring 19.8 cm in craniocaudal dimension,
previously 17.6 cm. Prominent collaterals are noted associated with thrombosis of the
portal venous system.
The adrenals glands have a normal appearance. The pancreas is normal in appearance
without focal abnormalities.
Renal cortical thinning is noted. No hydronephrosis.
Central retroperitoneal lymph nodes are mildly increased in size as well as number,
nonspecific and enlarged LEFT periaortic lymph node measures 10 mm in short axis dimension.
Increased number of iliac lymph nodes are noted, upper limits of normal in size.
Mild degree of free pelvic fluid is noted associated with these findings as well. Calcified
uterine fibroids are noted.
The bladder appears unremarkable.
No acute inflammatory changes or abscess formation.

I have no clue what this mean but this is what they found out from the CT scan that I had done last Friday. I am so sick but I am still going to work and do what I need to do. This will not get me down it might kill me but I will fight like heck not to let it. wedding outfits at wholesale prices

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