yellow color wear for mother of the bride

What a start to our morning. Darrell and I were out on the back porch having coffee when we heard a dog yelping in pain. We looked in the direction of the yelping and I could see a little yellow dog twisting around in the wire fence. Darrell got the binoculars out and sure enough...the poor little thing was hanging by his back paw in the fence and flailing around. I decided, since nobody else was doing anything (including his owners) that I would see what I could do. The poor little guy was scared and didn't know I was there to help and nailed me pretty good with his teeth. I had to take his weight off of his leg somehow, so I lifted the little guy by his tail and found how one of his long toenails had wrapped around the wire. Luckily I was able to nudge his nail back around the wire without using the wire cutters one of the neighbors went to fetch (still not the owners). Finally released from his painful situation, the little guy laid by the fence for awhile and finally got up and walked away. He's sore for sure, but at least he was using his leg. I just hate to see an animal caught like that with nobody to help and especially in this heat. What a way to die. Oh yeah, the bite was just a little one. It will heal. yellow color wear for mother of the bride