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Acne Treatment

Do you have acne? Treating acne may take time and does come costly. Little do people know that there are many natural acne treatments available in the market or from the convenience of your home. From vegetables to oils, there are plenty of ways you can treat your acne problems without having to dish out a lot of money. Read on to find out some acne treatments you can perform to get clearer skin.

Treating acne is a long process that requires patience and money to fund your treatments. If you are tight on your budget and do not have the time to visit a deacne-treatmentrmatologist you might want to pay attention to some natural acne treatments.

One acne treatments you can try is by using the juice from a lemon. Simply cut in half a lemon and squeeze out its natural juice. You may use a juicer or simply squeeze it using your bare hands. Make sure your hands and juice containers are clean for efficient results. Once you have juiced the lemon, using cotton apply the juice on the affected areas of your face. Coat your face with only one coat as you do not want too much acid on your skin. The lemon acts as anti-bacterial stopping acne from growing and it also help reduce dark spots and blemishes. Leave the juice on the skin for a couple of minutes and wash off with some cold water. After pat dry your skin using a soft clean towel.

The second acne treatment you can try is with the help of another vegetable, a tomato. Simply cut in half the tomato and spoon out its natural meat. With a spoon, make the tomato meat into a spreadable consistency wherein it is not too liquidly. Using a facial,brush apply the tomato mixture on your face and leave it for about 20 minutes. After, wash your face using cold water and pat dry to finish. If you have any mask bases,lying around in the house you can add some of the tomato mixture to act as a natural booster.

Other acne treatment you can try is tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is known as a natural anti-bacterial with properties that help keep the skin fresh and clean. Tea tree-oil can be purchased from your local organic store or even a drugstore. Tea tree oil is affordable and safe to use. Simply prepare your face by washing it with a natural mild cleanser. Using cotton, dab the tea tree oil on the acne prone areas of the skin. You may leave this overnight for optimal results. Repeat this every night or until your skin adjusts to the tea tree oil.

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Treating acne is a long process which requires patience and understanding. With these acne treatment you can avoid the growth of acne in its most affordable option – which is going naturally! Stand confident with clear skin with the help of these acne treatments.

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