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Types of Acne

There are many different types of acne ranging from pimples and blackheads to severe types such as rosacea, cystic, and acne conglobata. With dozens of different acne treatments available, some will be more effective at treating certain types of acne than others. Below you will find information about the different acne types and treatments that work best.

Conglobata : Acne conglobata is one type of acne that is cystic in nature. It can be characterized inflamed acne nodules. It starts under the skin that can lead to deep scarring. This is often difficult to treat. The cyst contains puss that got bad smell.

Acne Conglobata

Rosacea : Acne Rosacea is a condition of the skin that there is no cure. It mainly targets the nose and cheeks, and eventually spreading to the chin and fore head. The symptoms of acne rosacea are inflammation and redness of the face.

Rosacea Acne

Adult Acne : Many adults of both sexes experience hormonal imbalances or fluctuations that can result in a case of acne. There are hormones, called androgens, that are produced in the testicles, ovaries, and adrenal glands. When these androgens are released into the body, they cause the skin to produce more oil than is necessary for healthy skin.

Adult Acne

Body Acne : Body acne is just like facial acne, and anyone can get it. Acne of the body develops the same exact way that acne on the face does. The only difference is that the pores on the body are larger than the pore on your face, so the acne breakout on the body is more likely to be a lot more severe.

Body Acne

Cystic Acne : Cystic acne is an extremely painful form of acne that typically afflicts young male teens and adult men. Because males play sports that require wearing helmets with chin straps or they wear tight collared shirts, the friction can cause breakouts.

Cystic Acne

Hormonal Acne : While it’s true that a person can break out with pimples due to dirty or oily skin, many times, the oily skin is a symptom of a larger problem.  Many times, a person can suffer from oily skin due to a series of factors, or hormones.  As a matter of fact, hormonal acne occurs with several groups of people.

Hormonal Acne

Teen Acne : Acne can flare up for some teenagers more than others because, at the end of the day, everybody’s, body is different. There are those teenagers who hardly have any problems at all, then the ones who really suffer. Due to the acne coming at this difficult time while growing up, it can sometimes knock a person’s confidence, as not everybody is nice at school or college.

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